520 error messages on a cancelled website

We get erratic 520 error messages via Cloudflare. Sometimes a page loads okay, sometimes it does not. That is the same for every page on our site. Once we update the error message, the page loads okay.

We have now cancelled CDN on our server to get rid of this problem, but the 520 error messages continue to appear.

According to our hosting provider everything works.


This is just one Ray-ID of 520 error messages we get. Sometimes the page loads okay, sometimes it does not. That happens to all our pages.

Ray-ID: 56a3987adecd96f2 (this corresponds with the error message in the screenshot)

Your DNS record for www.travelworldonline.de points to www.travelworldonline.de.cdn.cloudflare.net. If you don’t want www.travelworldonline.de to use Cloudflare you should probably change your DNS entry to point directly to your origin.

If your hosting partner thinks pointing www.travelworldonline.de to Cloudflare via DNS is ‘everything working OK’ I’d submit that there may be issues on the origin the hosting provider has failed to diagnose and it may be asking them to review again the likely causes of a 520 error.

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