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Started receiving a 520 error today on my website. DNS is managed with CF and hosted on GoDaddy WordPress plan. The hosting and CF haven’t been touched in months so not sure what’s going on. I could get the site working again if I paused CF/ turned proxied to DNS only, but I ended up losing my SSL cert. Any ideas?

Ray ID: 706be3862cc9cf58

uag=Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/100.0.4896.127 Safari/537.36

Ment to mention that refreshing makes the page load pieces at a time and I’ve purged both platforms caches

I had the exact same issue with the exact same set up happen today. Im lost.

I have the same problem! I’m using GoDaddy hosting and getting 520 error. I haven’t made any changes. My site only works if I turn off Cloudflare.

So the big question: Is it GoDaddy or Cloudflare? Like I said, GoDaddy site works just fine without Cloudflare, but the minute I turn it on, I get 520 error.

I am having the same issue and Godaddy says it is on Cloudflare.

I am about to give up on Cloudflare. I’m paying. Premium price for errors and you can’t reach their support. Tired of this problem beginning down my site.

A 520 is exclusively caused by malformed responses from the origin (in this case, GoDaddy who is hosting your website).

  • Origin web server application crashes
  • Cloudflare IPs not allowed at your origin
  • Headers exceeding 16 KB (typically due to too many cookies)
  • An empty response from the origin web server that lacks an HTTP status code or response body
  • Missing response headers or origin web server not returning proper HTTP error responses.
  • upstream prematurely closed connection while reading response header from upstream is a common error we may notice in our logs. This indicates the origin web server was having issues which caused Cloudflare to generate 520 errors.

Other documentation also refers to connection resets, where the origin resets after already having a successful TCP handshake.


The documentation that you’ll be sent to when encountering a 520 page gives you details on what is required for Cloudflare to investigate this (after reporting it to your hosting provider).

Had anyone tried another host provider than GoDaddy? AWS Amazon? Google Cloud? WP Engine? A2 Hosting?

Thank you! I moved my site from GoDaddy to AWS Lightsail and the problem went away.

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