520 Error Cache Clearing


A few weeks ago there was some sort of network event either on our own network or on cloudflare which caused a few people accessing our system to get 520 errors,

We know the Cloudflare published causes of this and were in contact with Cloudflare support at the time.
Whilst it is supposed to be a tcp reset, We didn’t actually find any problems at all on our network or connectivity. However due to the nature of the internet we fully understand that network events can easily happen. This is not the point of this post.

However 3 of our users were consistently getting 520 errors only on Chrome for weeks after.

That is until they cleared their cookies/cache and files on Chrome after which they did not see the error.

My question is : how can clearing cookies/cache/files on chrome possibly resolve seeing 520 errors which are supposed to be between Cloudflare and the origin? That makes no sense at all - however I have seen other posts here also suggesting to clear cookies.

Does Cloudflare leave a cookie on the browser reminding it to always trigger a 520 error?!

(Please do not post the community tip 520 to this thread as that is not my question).


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