520 Error # Bluehost provided cloudflare package

My website hosting provider Bluehost has provided Cloudflare along with the hosting package.
My Website is hosted with with bluehost for past 2 years, however I had not been using it actively for last 2 years, just today I had started working on it and updated some site content.

After that I started receiving the below error

Error 520

Ray ID: 7006f729a82814d9 • 2022-04-23 13:32:51 UTC

Web server is returning an unknown error

Im not sure from where I would be able to find logs, could you please let me know if there would be some restrictions on the number of page visits with the cloudfront package offered by bluehost ;ie; some kind of rate limiting.

@Neeraj_1 Im using Cloudflare with bluehost wich is prepacked with hosting package & im receiving similar error. From where should I get access to Cloudflare dashboard?

Just login to dash.cloudflare.com and follow these steps so that I’ll be able to guide you

@Neeraj_1 but I was not provided any credentials for the Cloudflare service which I received from blueshot!

Can you share a Screenshot of DNS settings ?

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