520 error after transfering to Cloudflare

Hi guys,

I just recently transfered my DNS from Godaddy to Cloudflare.
My website (www.kortingkassa.nl) is now frequently giving 520 errors (Ray ID: 692c532ffec84236).
I contacted Godaddy and they said they don’t see anything wrong.
They told me to add the website IP address to the A folder in the Cloudflare DNS, but it’s already there.
I’m not really technical, so I’m kinda lost now.
Does anybody know what could be wrong?


Your site is currently insecure as you do not have a certificate on your server and that’s most likely also the reason for the error.

I’d recommend to pause Cloudflare for now (Overview screen, bottom right), talk to your host and fix your server setup, and only unpause Cloudflare when your site properly loads on HTTPS.

Hi Sandro,

Thank you for the fast reply!
What kind of certificate should I get from my server?
One of th reasons I choose Cloudflare is because of the (expensive) SSL-certificate from Godaddy.
Do you have any instructions for me when I contact Godaddy about this issue?

Any valid SSL certificate will do. Either your host’s or Let’s Encrypt or Cloudflare’s Origin certificate.

Actually, that topic has been discussed a billion times, I think only today more than five times and I’d really suggest to use the search.

As I said, pause Cloudflare and then discuss it with your host.

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I didn´t know the SSL certifcate was going my site to give the 520 errors. I have paused cloudfare now and will contact Godaddy for more help. Thanks for now!

It’s because your server does not respond properly, which is because there’s not certificate.

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@sandro Could you please elaborate how exactly a wrong or missing certificate would cause a website give random/intermittent 520 errors? I really really want to understand.

As I said, it’s most likely the reason, not necessarily.

But if a server closes the connection because it is improperly configured there’s no surprise a 520 shows up, as that’s what it is supposed to do → Community Tip - Fixing Error 520: Web server is returning an unknown error

The OP seems to have fixed his certificate issue meanwhile and the site seems to load fine, but just a while ago I still got an error and it didn’t load for quite a few other locations either.

So it appears as if there are further configuration issues on the server as well and it, intermittently as you mentioned, doesn’t work.

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