520 error after purge everything on cloudflare

i get 520 error whenever i want to login to my wp-admin though i can still access my site but i can’t use access wp-admin please can this fix automatic later or i should disconnect Cloudflare or there’s another tip to fix this

whats your website ?

Web server is returning an unknown error

Have a look at this

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yes they said it may be cause by exceeding bandwidgt limit or something like that but what i really want to know is that will it fix automatically since they said it’s temporary when i want to purge the cache cause i don’t see my changes.
or if i disconnect Cloudflare will this be fixed

Once Pause Cloudflare on your site and see

ok thanks bro

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Did that work ?

now it shows origin error

hey i said remove Cloudflare and add again after error fix

i thought you said i should pause Cloudflare

the website is still working but wp-admin can’t be accessed

No once remove Cloudflare from your site

okay i should remove my site from Cloudflare

Yes and re-add after you site is working completely

its working now thanks bro

should i add Cloudflare back

Now try re-adding Cloudflare

ok thanks bro

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