520 erro code

Hi, my site is integrated with Cloudflare.

My site running with Ezoic advertising.

My site is not opening with the onlyxcodes [dot] com URL. The browser shows the message the “web server is returning an unknown error with error code 520”.

Please fix this.

May I ask if you manage your Cloudflare settings through the eZoic interface, or rather on your own Cloudflare account/Dashboard? :thinking:

f you’ve enabled and integrated Cloudflare for your domain name through eZoic interface, you should manage and update things using their interface.
Hopefully, you’re doing this that way, or some other? :thinking: There are topics :search: around here about users having some issues with eZoic, when changing their settings and they being reverted back to the “old” ones.

May I ask what troubleshooting steps have you tried already from the article below related to your 520 error? :thinking: Regarding Cloudflare 520 error, may I suggest you to try looking into below articles to troubleshoot the issue:

Furthermore, I’d suggest you to temporary enable the ‘Pause Cloudflare for this site’ option from the bottom right corner of the Cloudflare dashboard for your zone.

Pause Cloudflare for your Website and make sure it works fine without Cloudflare first.
That way, you could troubleshoot further with your origin host/server and service provider.

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How to find the IP address of my root domain (without www) in Cloudflare?

The ezoic says they check need to ensure that the IP address for my root domain (without www) within Ezoic is the exact same as the one at your host.

For my site on the blogger platform, I integrated Cloudflare from the registered Domain nameserver.

How to find the IP address of my root domain?

You may find answers in the Blogger documentation.

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