520 & Database Errors

It loads correctly from my end as far as for now:

May I ask if you have checked with the steps from below article?:

You have 2 DS keys at your domain, hopefully they interfere with each other while you were changing the nameservers for your domain?

Due to database errors, which one do you get?
Does your user connect via hostname or IP address?
Is the user allowed and granted for hostname or IP address (maybe if :orange: cloud is for an DNS record at your Cloudflare DNS dashboard whom you use to connect over with your user to your database, which could result having a new IP address which points to Cloudflare servers due to being proxied by Cloudflare)?

Thank you for you reply but I have no idea what you are saying. lol

what do I need to do now?

this is a screenshot of the database error I get Screenshot by Lightshot

That database connection error has nothing to do with Cloudflare. That’s a connection from your WordPress server to the database server. It’s quite possible the DB server was just overloaded at the time.

the database errors seem to come with the 520 errors, but that doesn’t mean that they are related. My main issue is the 520 errors. Is there anything I can do? Thanks for your help.

They might very well be related. 520 is just your server not being able to respond to a Cloudflare connection…just as the DB isn’t able to respond to your site’s query. If there are network problems at your host, it’s going to interfere with everything you’re trying to do.


how can I know where the problem lies? I have another site hosted with ionos and it’s not giving me any problems. And if it is IONOS, is there something I can tell them to hopefully get the problem resolved? I’ve been on chat with them twice today and they don’t seem to think it’s their problem.

I am sorry to hear that, and kind of afraid that … currently I also have few Websites running at IONOS.
I cannot say 100% correct, but yes I do have issues due to DNS management, email service and database at IONOS.
Cannot say it is a general statement or conclusion, but, for my few websites, yes.

You can try to write to their support, but as far as I have tried, no luck to resolving my issues and I am slowly moving away from them. Try with the below e-mails:

Does anything changes if you change to dbXXXX.perfora.net?

Thank you for those email addresses and your help.

I guess the reason I don’t know if it’s IONOS, is that when my name servers pointed to them, I wasn’t having these problems. It only started happening when my name servers were pointing to cloudflare. It’s so strange because I have lots of websites on cloudflare too and none of them have this problem. I have no idea what to do and just regretting making the registrar change.

Hm, if you switched to Cloudflare and if you have :orange: records, maybe the web server (IONOS hosting-data.io) does not allow Cloudflare IP addresses to connect to your port (remotely) due to a hostname being proxied by Cloudflare? :thinking:

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where do I change that?

At wp-config.php file.
Under DB_HOST instad of dbXXX.hosting-data.io.

But, wait.
You have not changed your hosting?
Does something changes when you use localhost instad of dbXXXX.hosting-data.io?

Have you double ckeched your database credentials for any “typo” or whitespace?

On behalf of all, you should also write to their support for help too.

I have not changed my hosting. It’s still at IONOS.

I haven’t changed anything in my database creds or entered anything lately so I can’t see how there would be errors there.

I’ll get with them again too. Thank you!

How can I know for sure where the problem is coming from… from IONOS or from Cloudflare? Is there a way to know? And is there a way to direct my name servers away from Cloudflare? Thank you!

I am having similar problems with cloudflare.

You get a response from Cloudflare, the error page. Regarding the error code, you go to Cloudflare Help or here at Community and search for tips and tricks, check within the steps as written or as other people may have had some similar and hopefully fix the issue.

Yes, you can change your nameservers to desired at your domain registar.

You can try change them and see for a few days if any errors apper due to your database.
If not, then Cloudflare cannot connect or the connection is blocked. I am not sure how IONOS handles the communication between their database servers and hostnames, if so.
Maybe in the IONOS interface you can whitelist and allow Cloudflare to connect to your database server.

Cloudflare is my domain registrar. Do you know how to change my name servers? Thank you!

Hm, I believe in that case you will need to contact support to have them changed:

Or try using API like described here:

Thank you fritexvz

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