520 0n site that's been running for years

I’ve been working on this for a few hours and I’m at a complete loss. Can someone smarter than me tell me what’s broke. The website alivingfaith.org has been running without any problems for several months, but 2 days ago, on the weekend of course, it suddenly started giving a 520 error. Nothing on the server has changed (same server, same IP)

I think I"ve managed to make it worse! Before I started, it would least it would take a user to the website after a short pause.

I have hosted GoDaddy Wordpess with no SSL and using the flexible option for Cloudflare SSL.
I’ve tried pausing cloudflare and disabling all it’s components and my website will load (even though some page still want to use SSL)
I’ve performed troubleshooting for WordPress (updates, disabling plugins, safemode, etc) and I found no problems with the website.

All suggestions are appreciated.

I am getting the same error, also hosted with godaddy. This is the third post I’ve seen here with this issue today and no response from anyone from CloudFlare. I’m guessing it is a widespread issue. I contacted GoDaddy support and they say it is a cloudflare issue. It looks like something similar to this happened in 2018 and I couldn’t find any resolution. It seems the only thing that worked was to not use cloudflare with GoDaddy. Hopefully someone will find a better solution this time, whatever is causing the sudden change.

Some of the people look like they are hosted with OVH. I am now thinking maybe it is a cloudflare issue rather than just godaddy. Or at least something that changed at cloudflare?

My site went into maintenance mode around 7pm cst and hasn’t had a problem since. I suspect godaddy changed some setting which hopefully has fixed the problem for everyone hosting with them. I’ll be curious if it is resolved for everyone.

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no, no se ha resuelto

Mine was fine for about a day then started showing a ton of errors. I wound up having to disable cloudflare to keep the site visible. I’m pretty sure it is a setting on go daddy’s server, but they have no incentive to fix it. The site is visible with cloudflare disabled.

A mí me dijeron en godaddy que cloudflare tenía que actualizar el registro A del DNS a pero la IP que me piden que coloque ya está en cloudflare, o sea que sí hay un mal funcionamiento, pero los de godaddy se lavan las manos diciendo que es problema de cloudflare

Godaddy is terrible. I will never choose to use them for anything, but a person I’m helping already has hosting there. It has been nothing but problems and their support people are terrible. Either way, it seems unlikely the problem will be consistently fixed. I was stuck either disabling cloudflare or moving hosts. If I have any more problems with godaddy I will just pay for this person to have hosting elsewhere so I don’t have to deal with godaddy support.

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Sí, será mejor pagar un poco más en un hosting en donde ya incluya el ssl.
Se evita la pérdida de tiempo y se acaba la frustración

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