50x custom errror page issue

Hi, I’m trying to set up a custom 50x error page, but doing so consistently results in this error.
“Your custom page must be small than 1500000 characters. (Code: 1204)”

This is the affected site: https://www.bronzeforever.net/downtime/down.html

This is the size of the html file and the site including the assets itself:
And heres that in the network tab added together again:

Added together totals: ~0.36 MB

Also, I’ve been trying to do this since yesterday and I also keep facing 503 errors from the API 90% of the times I press the “Publish” button which is quite ironic and funny, but also frustrating.

Images added together since I’m a new user:

The CSS file for that site lists 17 font files, yet when I load the page, only one is used. Custom Error Page is going to load every resource you have listed, even if the page doesn’t use them.

You’ll need to optimize your Custom Error Page template to make sure everything it requires adds up to less than 1.5MB.


If the fonts do not get used it should be fine, right? Since they’re not getting loaded.

I’m not clear what you’re getting at. Right now, it’s not fine. You need to pare down any unused resources that are listed in any files loaded for that page.


Alright, I’ll try to get rid of unused references in the css file and try it again.


Thank you, this fixed it!


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