50k Requests from only 100+ visitors

I recently integrated my site thestorylane.com based on Nepal to Cloudflare and haven’t started working on it extensively yet, it is still under process. I am using also a free hosting that restricts my Entry Process Hit usage. Today morning I noticed my site was disabled due to a sudden spike in EP Hit usage therefore to check wether it was due to high traffic I checked the Cloudflare dashboard and discovered I had around 54k requests from different European countries including France and Germany with around 24k and 11k requests respectively. I have attached some screenshots as well for your reference, I just want an insight onto why this is happening, is this an attack and how can I control it?!
Screen Shot 2020-05-30 at 10.46.26|690x420

Do you know which URLs they’re hitting? Since you site isn’t showing right now, I can’t offer specific suggestions, but:

  1. You can cache the main page so those visits won’t hit your server. Page Rules, Match thestorylane.com/ and add settings: Cache Level (Cache Everything) and Edge Cache TTL (24 hours)
    Note that if you’re using WordPress, or some other dynamic site software, visitors may see Admin features if you’ve browsed the front page while logged in.
  2. You can add a Firewall Rule to block or challenge unwanted countries from visiting your site.

Hey, thank you for your reply!
Is there a way to see what URL’s they are hitting? Because as I said I just started working on the website and do not have any analytical plugin installed in wordpress.
I sure can try enabling caching, but I feel 24 hours caching is the correct approach here as in future I will be uploading new articles almost everyday.

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