509 error for images


I have a 509 error for images.
This was checked with Screaming Frog and Spyglass crawling tools.

My server is up to 2TB, but bandwidth usage this month is 15 GB. Anyway I checked with Cloudflare support and they say that everything is ok, in server origin.

I use Ezoic and Cloudflare. I disable Ezoic caching tool, and still I have this errors. How to fix this in cloudflare?
Thanks in advance

5xx errors come from the server. As for the 509, I don’t even think Cloudflare recognizes a 509 error (no bandwidth or connection limits here), so it passed it straight through from the origin. You can’t fix this at Cloudflare. You’ll have to get your host to help you with this.

Can be this a network error?
I also saw some 404 errors from images that are on the server, however they are missing in some post, and the integration code is in post is ok. Also saw styles failing to load in first instance. This is erratic behavior.

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