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My Client has some sites with namecheap but the servers I gather are with cloudfare. Has anything changed in the last couple of weeks? Since I upgraded his sites to the latest codeigitor his sites have been giving 508 errors and we are puzzled as to why it has just stared happening

This error comes straight from the origin

Thanks. I wasn’t sure if it was you or namecheap taht I needed to ask. CPU I thinks is the problem

Confused by that article. Isnt 508 “loop detected”?

Long, long ago, on a Planet called RFC5842… :sweat_smile:

Arent we still on planet RFC 2616 :wink:

508 still seems to be defined as “loop detected” though, so I am not sure what Cloudflare based that article on.

It isn’t looping - just trying to load some images. If you refresh the ones that don’t load they then show up. namecheap said to upgrade which the owner doesn’t want to do. It just seems that that it should have just started happening when it used to be ok.

The error would indicate a looping issue. What is the URL?

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The 508 error was first ratified as a HTTP code in RFC5842, but known as HTTP Error code ‘508 – Loop Detected’ in 2010.

Confusing, confusing :man_shrugging:

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Presumably, the closest code that Cloudlinux could find in the IANA HTTP codes that would match LVE detecting that a website was using all of it’s resources was the ‘508’ code that had been recently introduced. This became the code that Cloudlinux would use when resource usage was exceeding the limits imposed by LVE and from 2010 on-wards, shared hosting servers became a lot more stable, albeit at the cost of individual websites with high resource usage.

So basically CloudLinux is misusing 508.

Thanks for digging out the link :bowing_man:t2:

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Yes. Even though that this is usually M’Soft’s part :sweat_smile:

Definitely confusing. It does appear to a resource problem but why it has only just started is the puzzle.

You need to clarify this with your host.

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