506 'Variant Also Negotiates' error breaking my site

About 10 days ago, I started to get random ‘Variant Also Negotiates’ error pages - both on the website itself (cuppatocopatravels.com) and in Wordpress - that I was able to get past if I just refreshed the page. Now, the issue has gotten so bad that I can’t even log into Wordpress without being blocked by this error, and it can’t be refreshed away anymore.

Contacted Bluehost, but after much back and forth they concluded that it’s a server configuration error from an external factor such as Cloudflare. Has anyone ever experienced this with CF before? Any tips and pointers please?

Any help would be hugely appreciated. I understand a lot of things but as it turns out servers are not one of them! :slight_smile:


That’s quite an explanation. And not in a good way.

A search here only brings up three results, one is this post. 5xx errors need to be tracked down at the host. Unfortunately, they rarely put in much effort to do so. You shouldn’t have to be an expert on servers if you’re using BlueHost, but they’d better be. Turns out it’s not really the case until you escalate the ticket.

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Thanks for taking the time to respond! I escalated Bluehost to second tier support after 5 of their agents were unable to do much. This was their reply following the further investigation:

"There is no issue with the website. Its a server configuration issue. I could see that the domain name is pointing to the Cloudflare servers. Please contact their support to get this fixed quickly. You can check details at https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/HTTP/Status/506 "

Do you think it would be worth removing Cloudflare completely and reconfiguring from scratch?

Do you remember if the 506 Error Screen was the fancy Cloudflare one with the orange cloud? Or was it a plain white one? If you can post a screenshot of it, that would help.

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