504 Timeout Error

What is the domain name?

Are you on a shared hosting?

Hm, maybe this is an issue if you have got an A mail record :orange: cloud (instead of being :grey: cloud) at Cloudflare dashboard?

  • if the sending issue is related to this one …

Moreover, have you tried to check this article for some usefull information regarding 504 Timeout error:


Otherwise, it could be some hosting issue due to Web server or PHP.

Cloudflare will only wait 100 seconds for the request to complete.

Do you run some script which takes longer than that?

Due to the cache, there are options at Cloudflare dashboard to configure and setup cache for your domain, but there are also a ton of a caching plugins for WordPress.
May I ask if you use one of them at your host/origin?

Do you get some errors shown up in your console of your Web browser?

Any erros at error.log file?

Have you tried contacting your hosting provider?

You can get in touch with Cloudflare support in case for a quicker resolution

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