504 gateway timeout

Hello support team.
I am having a problem with my site. It is taking forever to load and the cloudflare says “504 error”

Please respond ASAP.
Thank you again

Ray ID: 636acaaf091feabb • 2021-03-27 18:48:14 UTC

Any additional informations when this happened and what the last thing was you have changed?

For 502/504 there is a good CommunityTip btw, make sure you have followed it:

This happened when I was editing a file, and (Even before saving it), when I reloaded the page, it took forever to load, and then I saw this error.

Additional Info:
Ray ID: 636ad076599aeabb

It also says 524 error too now

Thats no additonal info for the community as we here in the community can not use this info. Technical support (after you opened a Support Ticket) can. We no.

Error 504 stands for " Gateway time-out" which means you server could not repond in time with any informations.

Hmmm. I tried turning on “Under Attack Mode”, but it didn’t seem to make the site faster

For Error 524 please look into this tutorial:

Without any infos about what caused this I am afraid I can not assist.


Your site seems to trigger a Error 521 now.

Just to clarify, this is not support team :wink:


Thanks for helping me :slight_smile:
My web hosting provider has fixed this problem :smiley:

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