504: Gateway time-out when uploading images


I have a number of WordPress sites, and I regularly get 504: Gateway time-out error when trying to upload images.When this occurs it will happen continuously on any file I try to upload. It even happens on tiny images and the error comes back after only a few seconds, so it is not a timeout on the server.
The websites and everything else is working fine when this occurs, it only affects uploads.
When this occurs I usually have no choice but to go away and come back later and hope it works.

I have only just figured out today that the error was coming from cloudflare after closely analyzing the HAR file.

Other than turning off CF, not sure what else to do?


While Cloudflare may be the one returning the error (especially if it’s branded nicely with Cloudflare artwork), assuming that the issue is on Cloudflare will be difficult without first disabling Cloudflare and trying directly with the origin server. Did you do that and then conclude that the issue is coming from Cloudflare? If not, how did you conclude that?

What do you see in the access log of your server for these requests? Anything in the errors log?


I have been in touch with my host, and they said there is nothing in the logs. I cannot look at them myself as I do not have access.

Because the issue occurs randomly, I have to wait until it next occurs until I can try disabling cloudflare. I can say though that I have not had the issue on sites which are not using cloudflare.


I guess we’ll have to trust them, whether they’re right or wrong…

So, from Cloudflare’s side, they do have their own logs too, so I am guessing that if the issue happens to you and you capture the Cloudflare error message, that contains “Ray ID” and exact timestamp, you could open a support ticket to ask Cloudflare how do they see the issue on their end; Maybe they could give technical information that would be useful to your host…

P.S. It’s just my opinion, but running a service (and a website is a service) without the ability to look at its’ logs yourself at real time is asking for trouble. You may want to consider a host that does not limit you in that manner…

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