504 errors 2

I was working on my server today when around 10:20 UTC, all my domains started returning error 504. I can access the webservices locally via typing in the server’s LAN address, only run into the 504 error while trying to access via CNAME.

My domain is biophiles (dot) lol, and I am running NGINX proxy manager for reverse proxying.

I’m still getting error 504, and this isn’t a recently added zone record. Things were working fine this morning and everything seems to be in order on the local server, DNS resolution through Cloudflare for the Subdomains results in Error 504.

I’m using Nginx proxy manager for reverse proxy and the error logs state, “upstream connection timed out”

Any suggestions on how to go about troubleshooting this?

This is the error page I run into -

Does this suggest that the issue is on Cloudflare’s end?

Thanks for the screenshot, that’s not from Cloudflare.

If the error does not mention “cloudflare,” contact your hosting provider for assistance on 502/504 errors from your origin.

Cloudflare’s would not show openresty.


I’m hosting the webservice on a local machine and nothing has changed in the configuration since before the outage. I’ve had a range of errors on this address including the one that mentions Cloudflare and then a “Certificate Authority Invalid” error.

The Webservices themselves are running okay and are accessible via the local network, it’s only when accessing them through the domain names routed through Cloudflare that I have these issues.

To be more specific, I’m running into “upstream timed out” errors

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