504 ERROR with DDoS Mitigation

Good evening everyone,

We recently added our website https://panel.hiscgroup.org/ to Cloudflare, to have DDoS protection (Mitigation) with the Free Plan, but we have a problem with our Hosting, which has Pterodactyl Panel. For some reason, it does not connect properly (it saws 504 error) to the Panel as soon as we move the website to Cloudflare. Can you please help us?

Thanks in advanced.

  • Skyllas Prodromos, Managing Director

It currently is on Cloudflare and loads just fine.

Should you really get 504s then you should check out Community Tip - Fixing Error 502 / 504: Bad Gateway.

This is our error. And the connection between the VPS lost

Loads fine from all locations


You seem to go via the Greek PoP, maybe your server is blocking requests from that datacentre. You should follow the mentioned article and if that does not fix it you might want to open a support ticket and provide all the details so that support could have a look at why requests via ATH time out.

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