504 error when fetching a 3KB original png image

I am getting a 504 error when fetching a 3KB png image in original variant. Other variants are working as expected, only original is returning 504.

I’ve uploaded the same image 3 times and tried to fetch but all three links return 504.

Could you explain why it’s returning 504?

original image: https://exothium.com/nft/1.png

variant 1: https://imagedelivery.net/Id0Yu4IKBZmKm2-d-LXkXQ/assets/53508017-db2a-4e2e-ac91-259050fb1637/images/QmVEz8R2Zy9XnhsEeWrniMZBRA6zSsHcYY39B4cpvBpFgk/original

variant 2: https://imagedelivery.net/Id0Yu4IKBZmKm2-d-LXkXQ/assets/46eb03ce-641a-4882-99d0-975d65908226/images/QmVEz8R2Zy9XnhsEeWrniMZBRA6zSsHcYY39B4cpvBpFgk/original

variant 3: https://imagedelivery.net/Id0Yu4IKBZmKm2-d-LXkXQ/930e402a-e0e1-48f2-e2fb-7b233434df00/original

Hi, since we don’t have default original variant, you tried to set variant’s size to their maximum, and
we found that we recently lifted hard limits for webp Supported formats and limitations · Cloudflare Image Optimization docs up to standard 12k max size, 100 MP in total and apparently your variants are too heavy to process.

If you intend to allow users download “original”, you need to set fit=scale-down to avoid an image being enlarged URL format · Cloudflare Image Optimization docs

otherwise it is possible to fetch an original by using API Cloudflare API Documentation.

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