504 error - Google Fonts workers subrequest in Instant Logs

Hi @kevinlisota

In regards to the 504 edge response status. All of these are associated with edgeWorkerCacheAPI. Please note that these are not actual errors but instead conveys that our cache API cannot find the resource in Cloudflare cache. Also note that, these requests were never made to your origin and only our cache API checking with Cloudflare cache.

Per this documentation Cache · Cloudflare Workers docs

‘The cache.match generates a 504 error response when the requested content is missing or expired. The Cache API does not expose this 504 directly to the Worker script, instead returning undefined. Nevertheless, the underlying 504 is still visible in Cloudflare Logs.’

In the Cloudflare Logs, you may see these 504 responses with the RequestSource of edgeWorkerCacheAPI. Again, these are expected if the cached asset was missing or expired.

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