504 error, but Always Online not triggering?

Hi –

Our website (mitadmissions.org) is experience downtime due to a problem at our host (https://twitter.com/pantheonstatus/status/1106261249363308544). I have Always Online turned on, and the error page I am currently seeing is a 504 error specifically. However, I am not seeing a cached version of our website.

Can anyone help me debug this? Most of the community/topics posts say to make sure it’s a 502 or a 504 which it is…

Your website seems to be available now. However

Check if some of these apply to your setup


Most likely Cache Everything or the cache TTL?

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Thanks! None of them seem to apply, but I’m glad my site is up, and I’ll keep looking around for ways to protect in the future. If anyone else has ideas (could it be SSL related? I saw another post about switching from full to flexible) I’d appreciate!

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