504 bad gateway

i am using cloudfare cdn on my site but my site suddenly showing bad gateway 504 error
and admin dashboard its showing me this error
is it because i just changed my nameserver to cloudfare? it was just done 1 hour ago or it is other issue ?
API Request Failed: GET /api/v4/zones/aaa4b3b2e3a58d714579b7b5ef6ed504/available_plans (403)
this is error i am seeing need help on it

What’s your site?

Also, Bad Gateway error should have a response code of 502 instead of 504.

Can you try access the dashboard in a different browser?

my site is egsports.net
i have changed its dns server just couple of hours ago
at that moment i have free cloudfare plan and its working totally fine but when i purchased your pro plan suddenly it started showing me this error when i try to open my site it will show me this error

504 Gateway Time-out


i am confused why this is happening

i just want to conform that is this because of dns server change
if yes then no issue if this cause by other thing i need assistance i have disabled all the plugins

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