503 Wordfence scan on my page

I am having issues running a Wordfence scan on my page. Wordfence support suggested allow listing my server IP in the Cloudflare settings but I am still getting a 503 from Cloudflare when I request a Wordfence Scan. The scan needs to be able to hit the Wordfence servers and then return to the site. Do I have anything in place currently that is preventing that?

Hello Trumax25

Perhaps you have Bot Fight Mode turned on? This will block most bots, and sometimes bots that are not verified have issues bypassing the bot blocking technology.

I suggest that you specifically Allow the IPs using the IP Access Rules function:

This function allowlists IPs in a way that bypasses most security functions, unlike Firewall Rules, and it should bypass the Bot Fight Mode if you have it enabled.

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@trumax25 were you able to resolve your issue?

Yes, after 2 days. Thx.