503 Service Temporarily Unavailable

I’m using cloudflare for game website and it is working 100% but when i try to use a link from cloudflare proxy as webhook link on "mercadopago"´s sdk it is getting 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable

If i call the same URL from postman it works.

May I ask is the DNS record at Cloudflare dashboard :orange: cloud?

Moreover, when using Postman, do you use any port for your URL?

Is the URL via HTTP or HTTPS?

I assume it is in JSON format, right?

Maybe, do you use some Firewall rules or security options at Cloudflare?
Also, how about WAF? Does it block anything maybe if enabled?

Is there any cache setup at Cloudflare? Either using a Page Rules?

What is the IP address you get for your request? Is it the true IP from you or the Cloudflare IP address appears at the log file on the host/origin?

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