503 Service Temporarily Unavailable` response if CF proxy is enabled


I registed a Domain with CF. I just a Subdomain with A Record which is redirected to the IP of my Oracle Cloud instace.

On that Oracle Cloud instace is BTCPay Server deployed via Docker.

On my Main Domain I run XenForo Community System, with a API based BTCPay Payment Gateway Addon.

When I am running demo order without enabling the CF Proxy every thing working well.

Once the Proxy is activated, I get as result:
resulted in a 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable response: Just a moment… <meta http-equiv=“Content-Type” conte (truncated…)

I have on CF active Firewall Rules:

If I deactive them, the 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable issue still exist if the proxy is enabled for the subdomain. Only if I deactive the Proxy, every thing is working fine.

I am grateful for every recommendation to solve the issue.

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