503 Server Unavailbe

My hosting is saying that cloud flare is the issue

oxfordlocals.com. 172800 IN NS demi.ns.cloudflare.com.
oxfordlocals.com. 172800 IN NS roan.ns.cloudflare.com.

oxfordlocals.com. 300 IN A
oxfordlocals.com. 300 IN A

I cannot access my site, thinking off leaving cloud flare and reseeting my name servers

Any ideas, I am not computer savy, just like running my website

Hi @taylor40plus,

I can see that the site does work when bypassing Cloudflare and going directly to the server.



But not when accessing via Cloudflare:

Can you confirm that the IP address configured in the DNS tab of your Cloudflare dashboard matches the one I have sent you via private message (you can view this by clicking your profile picture in the top right of the forum).

If the IP address does match, please have a look at this #CommunityTip:

It is a 503 with no Cloudflare branding, so:

An ā€œError 503: Service Unavailableā€ with no Cloudflare in the message means you need to contact your hosting provider for assistance. It generally means your host is rate limiting requests to your site.

I know your host said

However, I think they are just trying to pass the blame here. Your Cloudflare config generally looks OK and that is something that they probably need to look into.

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:wave: @taylor40plus,

Currently hat domain doesnā€™t point to Cloudflare nameservers according to whois records and lacks a DNS record for oxfordlocals.com currently.

A 503 error is returned from the origin server, if when it was on Cloudflare the proxy was pointing to the correct origin server it was returning the error. It would be interesting to know how your hosting provider determined the issue was with Cloudflare.


Can confirm this now - was not the case when I was looking earlier! It was demi and roan nameservers.

I have just changed the name servers back on go daddy to point to host server, this way, if site is not loading by tomorrow, I know they have fked me over somehow, hosting company blames cloudflare,

I had a issue at the weekend, the site could not be reached, 503, hosting blamed cloudflre

I deactivated cloudflare, and change the name servers to point to the host, started to work.

The following day, i changed it back to clound flare, site was still loading, and as been since, today i have the same issue, i do not know how to fix this, is this the host?cloudflare? i have now changed the name servers back to the host, I do not have a clue anymore, I have contacted the host again

Is it time to move hosting?


Hi Mate,
My hosting is looking into this, i added site, and switch on cloudflare, with one day i got the 503, then i paused it, this was suggested by support, now we have the error log, its my hosting, the theme people are ensuring the theme has no bugs, my hosting could not fix, so they have escalted it, hopefully tomorrow we have answers, whay anoys me, is that the site has 437 503 errors, maybe this could happen as site is busy and could have happened in the same hour etcā€¦ we wait and see, i give you a update

My site today got a 503 error, this happens most weeks, when the site is connected to cloudflare, 503, when i paused it, it comes back on, the name servers point to cloudflare, i did changed them back last time, cloudflare is on now, 503, when i pause, it go back to normal, for the love of it, i am so confused

I do not want to keep switching cloudflare off, I an not good at tech, however, i can get the site back, but that means pausing cloudflareā€¦cloudflare blame my host, my host blame cloudflare, I can fix this, but i have to turn off cloudflare, pause, or remove


This is something that needs to be investigated by your host provider.

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What is the rate limit in cloudflare

I had pro, very unsure on this issue as host is adamant its cloudflare.

Its a shame really as site is now getting busy, hence start getting these issues


Thatā€™s not a question of rate limits at Cloudflare.

This error comes straight from your host, since its not Cloudflare ā€˜brandedā€™ you need to check your server

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