503 Server Unavailable when proxied

Hi, having what seem to be increasing occurrences where a 503 Server Unavailable error is displayed when visiting our website, specifically when the cloudflare DNS entry is set to “Proxied”. It has been working fine for months, but then several times recently where it stops working.

The web server is available and running as expected at the time of these 503 being given.
Switching to “DNS Only” in cloudflare solves the issue.
Doing this then shows the warning that it’s safer to be proxied so ideally want to keep set to “Proxied”

Any thoughts on what might cause this, or any pointers on where to look…any help much appreciated!

Your host may be rate-limiting from Cloudflare because they don’t recognized that Cloudflare is a reverse proxy. Maybe they can whitelist the IP addresses listed here: https://www.cloudflare.com/ips/

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