503 on every API call to CF Images

Duplicate of https://community.cloudflare.com/t/all-of-my-calls-are-failing-with-503/566594/5 , but reopening a discussion as this one has been marked as resolved.

Getting 503 on every API request to CF Image. This issue has been going on for 10+ hours, since https://www.cloudflarestatus.com/incidents/64wsqjxnljn3, but somehow CF marked this incident as resolved and all service operational while this is still going on.


There was a Separate Incident that covered this, and the other thread is still open.

Are you still receiving the errors? If so that would be unrelated and we would be happy to help.

That was not a separate incident, 503 on Image API started happening exactly as the first incident (linked in my original post) happened, and lasted until the second incident (linked in yours) was marked as resolved.
During the time that the first incident was marked as resolved and the second incident was opened, Images was very much down, which was disconcerting to see as a user of CF when the status page showed “all service operational”, which prompted my post.

We are not affected by this anymore, but did lose some trust in CF during those 22h of downtime to be candid with you.

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