503 Message on Mobile Home page

I have a site hosted on Bluehost that has been working through Cloudflare for ages without a problem. Recently when someone tries to access the site on mobile they’re getting a standard wordpress site under maintenance message, code 503. The site works perfectly on computer and other pages work fine on the mobile, just not the home page. I have tried eveything and the only solution seems to be put the site on Pause. I really am at a loss to understand whats going on.

hello @robertdanks,

Could you give me more information about this issue like the name of your domain and the user-agent tested to reproduce the issue on my end?

Oh sory I forgot to post the link. What do you mean by user agent? Basically when the site is turned on in Cloudlfare the home page is not accessible from mobiles. It works fine on the computer and no problem on mobile with any other pages. For now Cloudflare is paused to allow customers to access the site.

Btw is there not an option to write a secure message on here?

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User Agent would typically be which browser the mobile user is using. Is that 503 message from Cloudflare-nginx, or from your origin server?

As this is a public forum, there are no secure messages, but if you open a Support Ticket login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support, the staff can check into it. Just post the ticket number here.