503 issue on Social Media

We manage our corporate website https://dotcamp.fr/
We have configured our DNS on Cloudflare and we have subscribed a ssl certificate.
However, on posting our pages on Linkedin for example, we have a 503 error, and we don’t know why this issue happens. On our browsers, the site is loaded with https recognized.
Somebody has an idea ?


Your twitter account https://twitter.com/DOTdigital_fr doesn’t seem to exist and believe your LinkedIn should be https://www.linkedin.com/company/dot-camp/ and not https://www.linkedin.com/company/dot-digital/

When I desactivate Cloudflare, it works very well, do you really think the is a relationship beetween the LinkedIn URL ?

Well, the Twitter account for sure. As for LinkedIn, it’s redirected to dot-camp so it’s just a guess that the redirect is causing the issue with sharing.

Can you include a screen shot? I am able to hit the site and social pages without an issue. In a browser, an Error 503: Service Unavailable with no Cloudflare in the message means contact your hosting provider for assistance as your host is rate limiting requests to your site.

An Error 503: Service Temporarily Unavailable with “Cloudflare” in it means you hit a connection limit in a Cloudflare datacenter. When this happens, contact Cloudflare Customer Support, this Community cannot assist on that.

I could access @ikinda’s site just fine with skip.ns.Cloudflare.com & tori.ns.Cloudflare.com
but the social media links I saw, need to change from dot-digital to dot-camp.

The issue i’m talking about here is when i’m trying to share the site:

Thanks Withheld btw for pointing that the link where not up to date on the site.

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I just ran the Post inspector and it was being blocked on our origin. Check your logs for similar events replacing example.com with your domain (IP and Hostname may also differ).

IP: Hostname: 108-174-2-203.fwd.linkedin.com
LinkedInBot/1.0 (compatible; Mozilla/5.0; Apache-HttpClient +http://www.linkedin.com)

IP: Hostname: 108-174-2-205.fwd.linkedin.com

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