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My domain, dnstore.com has just moved from a managed host to an unmanaged VPS plus ClusterCS Control Panel.It’s being crippled by 503 Errors which I’m being told is because MySQL is gobbling up 95% of my server resources. ClusterCS are saying I need a bigger server. But my feeling is I should do whatever I can to eliminate these 503 Errors before simply splurging on a bigger server. Personally, I think these are mostly bots using up these resources. There isn’t THAT much regular traffic. I’m currently on the free version Cloudflare. If I upgrade to the paid version, would the WAF be able to take care of this 503 Error problem, seeing as it can fix SQL injections? (Not that I know specifically that it’s SQL injections). Any other recomendations? I don’t really understand why this wasn’t a problem on my managed host, using cPanel, but is suddenly a problem with my new setup.



OK. I have some further info. I have narrowed it down to 2 IP Addresses and, both are cloudflare addresses but not my arch/vita.ns.cloudflare.com addresses. Only these 2 addresses seem to be breaking my website by causing 100% load on my MySQL which is making my website unreachable. I would have thought that only my arch/vita.ns.cloudflare.com addresses would be reaching my site. Should I blacklist these 2 IP’s and whitelist arch/vita.ns.cloudflare.com IP’s in my firewall? What are the IP’s for arch/vita.ns.cloudflare.com?


Arch and Vita are name servers. They are not the proxy servers routing traffic to your server.

You need to restore visitor IP addresses in order to find out who is overloading your server.


Hi sdayman

TBH. That went completely over my head. I didn’t understand anything in the code or where it should be applied. So I reckon I’ll have to find some other way to do this. I hadn’t realized that when using Cloudflare it hides every IP of every visitor. But I can now understand how that comes about.

I think the other way around this would be to address what they break in the code, and hope and prey that it doesn’t affect anything else. I’ve asked my programmer to look at this and fix it.

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