503 errors without showing custom 503 page

From time to time, there are sections of our site that needs to return 503 status code to the user but we don’t want to trigger the custom Cloudflare 503 page.

Why: there are certain server maintenance that we don’t want Google to index. The only way we could make sure that Google doesn’t index those pages is to return a 503 http status code.

However, Cloudflare would detect those 503 status code and show the custom Cloudflare 503 status page. Is there anyway around this? Right now we show a custom 503 error on the page and return as 200 to avoid triggering the custom CF 503 page but then Google would index those pages with those invalid content and I’m not sure how to set it up so that Google won’t index while not triggering CF custom 503.

Probably you can try to use Cloudflare Workers to override the page, but I’m not really sure whether it works.

ok. I will take a look at that.