503 Error on Cloudflare + Hostgator

When I enable Cloudflare on my domain, fullpotentilama.com, all web pages load only text. Images, style sheets, etc. all fail to load, with HTTP 503 errors.
(With Cloudflare off, the web site works fine)
If I try to load one of the assets that failed under 503 error, I get a Cloudflare screen “checking web site security.”
My site is on Wordpress. I have disabled and uninstalled all firewall plugins that I have in Wordpress.

Here is the Cloudflare “security check” screen that I get when I try to manually open an image that failed

Here is how to replicate the issue:

  1. Turn Cloudflare on
  2. In a browser, to go www.fullpotentialma.com
  3. The web site will load text only. All other assets will fail to load.
    Check out all the 503 errors in the browser console:
  4. Open another tab in the browser and try to load, for example, one of the images that previously failed with a 503 error
  5. You will get a temporary Cloudflare “security check screen” as I showed on the prior post. When the check completed, the image will load.
    I am not sure why the security check is triggered. I am suspecting that the check is what causes the failure to any resources other than text on the initial load of www.fullpotentialma.com.

Please help on this topic!
I am following the suggestions on Community Tips [Preformatted text](https://community.cloudflare.com/t/community-tip-fixing-error-503-service-unavailable-service-temporarily-unavailable/44438)
They seem to indicate that this is a Cloudflare issue.
The main page (text) loads, but Cloudflare gives 503s on all other assets. This causes the browser to display the web page incorrectly.

Please help.


Thank you for asking.

I am sorry to hear you’re experiencing an issue here.

Seems to me like it’s working fine now over HTTPS, however did you “Paused” Cloudflare proxy :orange: in the meantime, or? :thinking: I cannot replicate currently since the IP address on the lookup is the origin, rather than Cloudflare’s.

I have Cloudflare paused. This is why it is working. I can turn it on temporarily, but I cannot leave it on for expended periods of time, as with Cloudflare on, the web site is broken.