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Trying to get a Webhooks add-on for Gravity Forms to work on my WP website, but it looks like the Webhooks request was added to the background tasks like normal. However, my site does not process background tasks correctly. This is from my system report:

Background tasks: No ✘ Response code: 503

Since this 503 error is a “Service Unavailable” error, I was directed to reach out here to see what is causing the webhook not to be processed.


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I am following this tip

Does the report show any more details? If you have a “service unavailable” error with no “Cloudflare” in the message, it means there is an issue with the origin server. If you disable Always Online does the error go away?

A “503 temporarily unavailable” with “cloudflare” in the error means there is a connection issue in a Cloudflare data center.

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