503 error from server itself

Hello to everyone.

I can’t access to my own domain from the server itself.

The domain DNS is protected under Cloudflare and when I try:
(I’ve deleted some links because I only can write 4)

[email protected] ~ # wget mydomain.com
Resolving mydomain…,, 2606:4700:3031::6815:18b2, …
Connecting con mydomain… connected.
HTTP request send, waiting response… 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable

But it works from my personal computer:

[email protected] ~ # wget mydomain.com
Resolving mydomain…,
Connecting with mydomain (… connected.
HTTP request send, waiting response… 200 OK

Can you help me?


If I desactivate the DNS proxy redirect for this domain, it works.

I often get this when I use command line to test certain sites because they have some restriction at the origin. Without knowing the domain name, we can’t investigate further.

Click the 503 link in your post for more info.

I was blocking my own request with Cloudflare firewall rules… :roll_eyes:

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