503 Error and A-records missing

Hi, I have just switched to Cloudflare. The website https://officialreviews.org was up and running. Cloudflare was checking everything automatically and gave the nameserver to be changed which I did accordingly.

However, there is 503 error and that there is no A-records but A-records are pointing correctly to IP of the server.

Does anyone has an idea how to solve it? Thanks

The 503 might have been a temporary glitch.

As you mentioned, there’s a DNS issue. You don’t have a record for your naked domain and your www record most likely is a CNAME record pointing to the missing naked domain entry. You need to double check your DNS records and make sure all necessary records are configured and point to the correct addresses.

thanks, website seems to be reachable but on gtmetrix error pops up as well.

Ehm, no, it is not reachable


and everything I wrote here still applies

Ok, fixed. Thank you, Sandro

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