502 Gateway error from some countries

Hi @cloonan

Yes, I’ve replied to the support ticket with traceroute details of both working and non-working locations.

Unfortunately it seems the support ticket did not log as I got a auto reply saying I should reply with a link to the support page. I’ve now replied both to the email and copied pasted the reply to the support ticket page.

The site is here.

I’ve tried removing a subdomain from Cloudflare to let DNS propagation again as a test but the same issue some 24 hours later.

It’s now 1 week since this started.

Again, the host is adamant it is not them with CF whitelisted etc. They also point out the 522 error from Cloudflare before the 502 page takes over.

Thailand / Spain locations 100% not working and of course Google websmasters is now full of 522 errors too.


So from a test subdomain. I can confirm that via http and grey cloud on Cloudflare the page goes through fine everywhere. But the moment I turn on the orange cloud I get the 522 and 502.

I’m at a loss as to what’s happening or how to fix it…

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