502 errors from south America

Since 96 hours ago, we are experiencing random increased 502 errors coming from Latin America.

  1. Errors are focused in the following COLOS:
  • São Paulo, Brazil - (GRU)
  • Santiago, Chile - (SCL)
  • Fortaleza, Brazil - (FOR)
  1. When Cloudflare Edge returns 502 error, the connections do not reach our Origins: we do not receive the connection, neither we have any log. The edge responds to the user with a 502 error in less than 10 ms.
  2. Our Origins are not affected from other locations.
  3. If we redirect the Origins via Load Balancing to a different origin that has no problems serving different regions, the problems from Latin America to that different Origin, persist.
  4. Even some static content as images that should be served from the Edge (cached), are getting 502 errors.
  5. The 502 errors are affecting a low percentage of the total connections, but is quite obvious there is some kind of network issue.
  6. 3 days ago there was an open incident 3 days ago related to Latin America issues. But was resolved.

Is there someone else experiencing these network issues?

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