502 errors caused by Cloudflare?

my server support tells me “Filtering for 502 or 504 there you can find the latest requests, from the look of it that should a connectivity issue on Cloudflare side to server which is causing this.”

any help finding out what is the cause would be great!

General advice here.

What is the domain?



Cloudflare will re-throw the errors your server throws. The website you posted is working just fine, no issues so not sure if you’re still seeing 502/504 but I’m not.

Hi there,

Looking at your DNS records, all your records are gray clouded:

Essentially what this means is that Cloudflare will not proxy the DNS records but only resolve them. The reason you’re still seeing Cloudflare branding on your error codes is because the records are pointing to another Cloudflare customer.

So there can be 1 of 2 issues here. If you don’t have an origin server (host) and they are your host then, you should contact them directly and request assistance on the issue. If they’re just a middle man between Cloudflare and your host, check if your origin might be blocking or rate limiting Cloudflare IP addresses.

502/504 from your origin web server
Cloudflare IP Ranges
Allow Cloudflare IP addresses

In any case, if you have access to your origin logs, it might be a good idea to check them and cross-reference them with the timestamps from when you were served this error.

Take care.