502 Errors appear and disappear frequently

Accessing “https://release.spectralengines.com” sometimes return 502 error codes and then disappear and come again after some days. This behavior is observed from many months in the past. This seems to happen due to incorrect DNS resolution. Can someone check why DNS resolution fails from cloudflare network and doesn’t point correctly to our web-server. I am adding details of event observed:

Cloud Incident Name: SaaS incident " Service at release.spectralengines.com is down"
Date and Times:
02/02/2020 13:20 GMT+2
02/02/2020 13:23 GMT+2
02/02/2020 13:24 GMT+2
02/02/2020 13:25 GMT+2
02/02/2020 13:30 GMT+2

At the moment, this service is up and working but we want to know the root-cause for it.


The 502 is an issue with your origin server and we pass the error, some ideas here to investigate, Community Tip - Fixing Error 502 / 504: Bad Gateway. Beyond that, perhaps check that the contents of the CNAME record called release is correct?

@cloonan Thanks for your reply. Infact this CNAME record “release” looks correct to me, it points to aws load balancer. From aws load balancer cloudwatch metrics, there is no occurence of 5xx errors (both for ELB and bakend) so do you have any idea what could be wrong here.?

FYI: alongwith 502 errors, i also received some GET request timeout errors (Request Timeout while waiting for response, Client.Timeout exceeded while awaiting headers) and tls handshake failure (EOF remote error: tls handshake failure).

In the mean time, i am also checking some fixes you mentioned. BR

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