502 errors and very slow load times

I run vbulletin and people are complaining about 502 errors and extremely slow load times (www.bluejaysmessageboard.com). Host said it had to do with old apache and php. I had my doubts but upgraded it anyways. I’m still getting 502 errors and it’s still slow. How can I resolve this?

Also they show me the speed tests that there are no issues but I’m experiencing them myself as are all the members.

I just took a quick look at some internal analytics on errors. Looks like we are seeing a large number of 522 errors, a small number of 520s and for a brief moment (perhaps when you did the upgrade) a huge spike in 521 errors.


A really brief and not statistically meaningful spot check showed a large number of the 522 errors over the past few hours coming from bots (Yandex, teh Googles, etc) which if you look at the 522 possible causes could indicate the crawlers were exacerbating an existing load problem… so I might work with the host on load first before network in terms of troubleshooting.

Thank you I will pass this on to them!

Are you able to check again? It seems on pingdom and other speed sites it’s fine and site seems to have improved a bit. But now I’m having issues with the pages not refreshing unless you do ctrl+f5. So people on mobile aren’t seeing any new posts. They keep giving me site speed tips but it’s beyond that I’m sure. They’ve also limited the bots, which I told them is a bandaid solution as well.
I don’t know if I should be hiring a developer or if this is simply an issue on their end?

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