502 error. Stops when cloudfare is paused


My website is showing host error. I thought something is wrong with hosting but when I pause cloud fare the website starts working again. After activating it shows a host error.


The 502 Bad Gateway usually is a result of the origin server sending an invalid response.

You may want to look in to whether your provider is blocking requests from Cloudflare.


I have contacted the hosting service.


I have decided to pause cloudfare. My website is loading faster without it. Secondly, there is a definitive problem between cloudfare and my service provider. I have talked to them and they are throwing the problem part back to cloudfare. This is how customer suffers but it ok, atleast my customers don’t have to see 502 bad gateway pages.



Have the same issue, but have more details about my 502:

  1. Host is in Frankfurt it is Digital Ocean.
  2. Ping\traceroute are perfect
  3. Support of DO checked twice any possible issues and, also as I, didn’t find any problems.
  4. This issue got only me, not my visitors.
  5. Got this issue only in my origin country Ukraine, from 3 different IP adresses and 3 different devices.
  6. After I turned on VPN - the site is reachable again!!!
  7. At the cloudflare control panel I saw info about two Bad Browser threats from Ukraine that were blocked as I get.

So I think the problem is on the side of Clouflare, but I cant solve it even if put the whole country in firewall whitelist. Any solutions for me?

From my device the site is reachable again from Germany UK Latvia but not from Ukraine :frowning:


the address


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