502 error page only when cloudflare orange is activated

If i route the DNS around Cloudflare the site is accessible, if i route thru CF it gives a 502 error.

  1. Time and timezone the issue occurred. - anytime I activate the orange button.
  2. URL that resulted in the HTTP 502 or 504 response: www.quickex.cl

Im hosting the site on Centos with WHM/cpanel installed and CSF firewall, so I added all the CF IP addresses to the CSF allow list. (https://www.cloudflare.com/ips/)

Please advise what else i can try so that CF is not somehow blocked by my webserver?

What is the IP address assigned to you by Cloudflare?

I have no idea… where is that IP visible please?

Do i need to add another IP to CSF?

Can you enable Cloudflare for your domain again?


i have same issue on this site. hosted on same server as quickex.cl
have enabled CF

Pls advise what else to try

Well, the first site does load for me via Cloudflare. The second one does not. They both point to the very same IP address?

hi, no i havent activated CF on quickex.cl because its a high traffic live site
CF is active on ibitt.co and if I activate on quickex it will also show the same 502 error

yes both point to same IP

What I was saying is that I can load your first site via Cloudflare. What is the SSL mode of both domains?

hi, both sites give me a 502 error when i activate CF, so I dont know how you are able to load one of them via CF… (I cant leave CF activated because the site has live traffic)
SSL mode is full for both

whats strange is that another subdomain is able to reach the same server via CF
vps.quickex.cl is passing thru CF ok
so why is www.quickex.cl not able to do the same

Hi, please help with this issue if you can…

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