502 error only on cloudflare suddenly (pausing cloudflare fixed it), no setting changed

Good. Its working for me!

it seems like it’s Cloudflare’s cache / settings / something going wrong? I didn’t change any settings at all since yesterday when I paused Cloudflare on the site. but Thank’s a lot neijay.

So maybe for others that encounter this problem, either… go premium and ask the chat directly? and if you’ve tried everything and still doesn’t work, wait a day…?

May I know what’s the problem you are facing? As I see your website is working. Even other locations are also able to access your website. You can check it here

hi, I attempted to explain the issue, even this messaging system is buggy? I can’t reply because “new user can only put 4 links”,

but I didn’t even put any link on my reply, I don’t understand what’s the problem with this messaging system. Hopefully after posting this, then re-pasting my reply, it will work.

yes, the problem is yesterday , after my hosting shows 5 0 2 error (pressumably because the space is full), I increase the quota allocation for it, but the 5 0 2 error page still persist from cloudflare indicating that my host still return 5 0 2 error.

I tried, purging the cache, and change lots of other setting but to no avail, still shows cloudflare 5 0 2 error saying my hosting return 5 0 2 error.

When I pause cloudflare, my site is working as usual, even my hosting provider keep saying everything is good on their end, so check with cloudflare.

even after few hours of changing setting, purging cache in my site, activating / deactivating plugin in my site (it’s a wordpress site), etc, still no difference. using cloudflare it’s 5 0 2 error, but pausing cloudflare make the site runs as usual.

in desperate attempt, I delete the site from cloudflare dashboard, and re-create it again (of course with same settings, same dns information, etc), but now it’s showing SSL error instead.

error:14094410:SSL routines:SSL3_READ_BYTES:sslv3 alert handshake failure

which is strange, I didn’t change any settings at all. just deleting & re-adding the site to cloudflare with same settings, why the error change? but still error.

Strange enough, I meddle with some ssl setting, re-generate certificate, etc, even changing ssl/tls setting in cloudflare from no encryption, flexible, full, full(strict), anything, purging cache, still showing that ssl error, but when I pause cloudflare from the site, viola, the site work again as usual, no ssl error.

Once again my hosting provider says that if everything works fine (ssl, not showing 502 error) without cloudflare, then ask cloudflare.

so I gave up, I pause cloudflare, so the site run as usual without cloudflare. so I let it sleep for a day (where I got blocked from replying your comment yesterday).

Today, when I attempt to reply to you to let you know, I turn on cloudflare again, and it just… work? I didn’t change any settings at all. just pausing it for a day. So, it may be cloudflare glitch on cache? or something? I’m not sure, but now the site works normally again with cloudflare.

Note that from the beginning till the end, after changing lots of setting and it doesn’t work, I revert it back to the original setting. so bottom line, there’s no setting changed at all, no dns change, but it was not working yesterday, but working now.

okay… managed to do it, turns out the system counts every 502 text I wrote into a link, and I wrote 502 more than 4 times thus it disallow my reply since it contain “more than 4 link”

Kindly note, it takes a while when you make certain changes to reflect. If you are using Wordpress with plugins, it can take all the more time depending upon the settings. You can’t expect an immediate effect in seconds at all times.

Thank you for explaining the problem. I’m sure now you are relieved :grinning:

yes, I’m aware of that, that’s why after making change, I’m waiting for a bit, plus after that, I also tested it with multiple proxy and different device, also clearing cache.

and for wordpress as well, I’m aware for things that could take time to propogate, such as if I’m using cache plugin and other stuff. That’s why I’m scartching my head so hard on what happen.

Yep! I’m relieved for now, I just hope this doesn’t happen again in the future :slight_smile:

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