502 error only on cloudflare suddenly (pausing cloudflare fixed it), no setting changed

Hi neijay, thank you for constantly helping, yesterday I still want to continue troubleshooting the site, but I can’t reply this thread since I’m blocked by the system (it says can’t reply more, please wait 22 hours, since this is a new account). also I can’t find another way to contact you (can’t find messaging info). so I don’t have any way to let you know :zipper_mouth_face: like… being muted by the system.

unfortunately, the site works because I disable cloudflare. I continue troubleshooting it a little bit more after that. but still 502 error. So I deleted the site from my cloudflare dashboard and re-add it.

It still shows error, but now it’s showing different kind of error, it’s ssl handshake failed, even going to ssllabs shows the host can’t be reached.

I reach my hosting about this, but once again, they say “since if you disable cloudflare, everything works fine, including ssl, etc, then it’s not our problem, ask cloudflare”.

so currently the site is running without cloudflare. But your hunch about ssl might be close to the solution, since now it’s not 502 anymore but ssl error. Here’s the error when opening the site with cloudflare

error:14094410:SSL routines:SSL3_READ_BYTES:sslv3 alert handshake failure

I’m not sure what to check again, I tried changing the cloudflare ssl/tls setting from no encryption, flexible, full, & full strict, all still show ssl error like above.