502 error only from certain countries


Hi Guys,

I got a complaint from one of our clients, that their site seems to be inaccessable from some european countries and when i checked (tried to get to the website over a VPN from Sweden) i indeed got a 502 error thrown back.
The error page suggests, that there is some issue with the host server, but i already checked and the IP doesn’t even reach the server, but seems to get blocked before already.
Can someone tell me what the issue is here?

The site is https://e3zine.com and the Ray ID was:
Ray ID: 390387b7ef3e0c2f



Are you getting the plain page with the nginx error or the Cloudflare branded version? You can find some useful tips here:


Hi Ryan,
I see the branded version and i have already read through these tipps. The problem is, i contancted our server host and they tried to go to the website over a proxy from sweden and the server didn’t even get the request from the ip. So it must be blocked somewhere before the host server.
Any thoughts or ideas?
Regards Max

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Since it sounds like you have already whitelisted Cloudflare IPs at your origin, the next step would be to submit a ticket to support, login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support