502 error hosting provider says contact Cloudflare


I’ve been going back and forth with my hosting provider. They are saying that my domain needs to be pointing to my server IP through Cloudflare. Well from everything I can see it is. They say it isn’t. Any ideas what could be the problem?


It’s usually a propagation issue. WHOIS or DNS information takes a while to propagate.

What’s the domain?

And give this a look:


It used to work.

Now it doesn’t.


I realize your page says I need to contact the hosting provider. I have done that and they said I needed to contact you.


I think you’re going to get the runaround here, as the indication is the 502 is coming from your host.

  1. Double-check the IP address you have in your DNS tab and make sure it matches the IP address listed at your hosting provider. It’s possible your server has a new IP address. If it matches, then proceed to Step 2.

  2. Open a Support ticket login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support. They can track down the real source of the error. What they usually do is query your Origin IP address for the response. The syntax is something like:

curl -kv --resolve www.hoopscollege.com:443: https://www.hoopscollege.com

(replace the with the IP address of your server).


thank you