502 error HELP

Hi everyone,
I am getting the 502error message when trying to reach my wp-admin page.
Anyone here understand terminal language that could help me resolve the issue?
I’ve already contacted support with my Ray ID but haven’t heard back from anyone.
I can’t attach screenshots on hear either in order to show you what terminal msg i m getting.

502 Is generally never an issue with Cloudflare, it’s usually your server erroring out or under too much load.


I recommend pausing Cloudflare temporarily to see if that fixes it.

Thanks! Except it’s 520 error, not a 502 error. My mistake (I think)

Okay so it’s both 502 & 520 errors. I followed your advice and paused Cloudflare, but I still get the 502 error.

If it still errors while paused, you should check your PHP/apache/etc error logs for errors, and/or contact your hosting provider about the error.


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