502 error after changing name server

My website is showing 502 error after changing nameserver. Help me fix this.
I have purchased domain from godaddy and hosting from different site.
Previously My website was working perfectly.

Thanks you


Hi, what is the website address?


Try the link sdayman posted, usually 502 is a problem on the origin server.
Also make sure your origin is accessible and take a look at your SSL configuration on Cloudflare, that error also appears if you have Full SSL configured on Cloudflare but your origin isn’t answering to HTTPS requests.

issue dosen’t resolve same error 502 please help me

how to solve this problem?

Hey, for me it is showing a redirect loop now.
This might be helpful: https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000219871-Troubleshooting-redirect-loop-errors

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problem remain same tried all the settings.
when i am Pausing Cloudflare on my Site then site is working perfectly…

Is your SSL/TLS configuration in Cloudflare set to Full?

I have just removed cloudflare because that error was not going. I tried all the things. Searched it all over the internet but no solution.

I could see you disabled it.
I asked if you had SSL/TLS set to Full because if it was set to Flexible that would explain why you were unable to access your website.

Redirect loops occur if your origin web server is configured to redirect all HTTP requests to HTTPS when using the Flexible SSL option.


So you could set it to Full and give it another try if you want.

I have tried in full,flexible same error occurred.
When I pause cloudflare on my site then it is working perfectly

I found that why i am not able to connect my website to cloudflare because my SSL certificate has been over lapped with cloudflare SSL due to this I am not able to surf my site in Internet Explorer . (Error site has been reported as unsafe.)
So I don’t know how to solve this problem
websit- buybychoice.in

Thanks & Regards

It doesn’t look like the traffic to your website is being proxied by Cloudflare so the error you see when trying to access the website using IE shouldn’t be related to your Cloudflare configuration. Your website was just flagged as unsafe by Microsoft.

Thanks for explaining.

i have same from with my website JK News Magazine and JKUTIMES
Please do fix this or tell me the solution of it

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